Wood Fence Cleaner application temperature

Q: Wood Fence Cleaner Effective at 40 degrees?

Hello, I have a question about application temperature and the effect of the products working ability.
Will it work the same at 40 deg. as it might at 70 deg.? I’m mainly looking at the fence QSE but also noticed wood fence cleaner ox 2000, if there is much difference between these products.

thanks for a quick reply,

John from North Carolina

A: Full Cleaning Power despite cold temperatures.

John, The neither wood fence cleaner is affected by the temperature… just make sure that the fence is not below freezing (otherwise the wood cleaner has to melt through any surface ice).

Cleaning in the winter is mainly an issue for your comfort. Handling liquid cleaners, and the high volume of ice cold water from your garden hose, and the over spray on your shoes and clothes can make cold weather fence cleaning miserable, but it’s won’t make the wood fence cleaner work any less effectively than at 70 degrees.

Also when cleaning during the cold weather months, don’t forget to drain your garden hose, and disconnect it from the spigot. It’s too easy to end up with a cracked water pipe when the temperature falls back under freezing. Forget this step and you may also have a basement mold removal project on the horizon.

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