Deck Cleaning Power of Wood OX

Here at we frequently receive comments, compliments, and questions from customers about our products. Unlike what seems to be the case with many of the big companies that dominate the American retail landscape these days, here at CleanerToday we take questions from our customers very seriously. We try our best to answer everyone as quickly and as completely as we can. Occasionally, a customer raises a question, or makes an observation, that could apply to many of our customers and when that happens we will feature it for everyone to read and gain knowledge from. All of us at CleanerToday acknowledge on a daily basis that without you, our customers, we have no business, and therefore we strive to provide the best service possible. We hope the information below will, therefore, be of value in helping you make your decision about purchasing and using our products.

Some of our very best customers are cleaning contractors who make a living using our products in their daily work of doing the hard and dirty work of cleaning other people’s home exteriors, including roofs, siding, fencing, and decking. One of those contractors is Steve from Maryland who wrote in to ask our advice about the best product to use for an upcoming job.

“Good evening. I have used your siding and deck cleaner products with terrific success. A friend wants me to clean and seal his deck. I am wondering if Wood Ox applied and scrubbed with a bristle brush would do the trick in preparation of it being re-sealed.

I have used the deck cleaner with awesome results on decking that was just weathered and gray looking. Hoping Wood Ox will work. I just ordered it today.

I cannot tell you how amazed I am at each application of your products. Your products and service exceed expectations.”


Deck Cleaned With Wood OX

Deck Cleaned With Wood OX

We couldn’t be happier that Steve has had such wonderful professional experiences with our products over time on multiple different cleaning jobs. We were happy to provide our recommendation to Steve on how to tackle this latest job as well.

We recommended the use of the Wood OX just as Steve ordered. Wood OX is an easy to use powder that is dissolved into water, sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned, agitated and then rinsed away to reveal excellent cleaning results. The secret to the power of the Wood OX is sodium percarbonate, exactly the same cleaning compound found in cleaners sold by “big box” and grocery stores, but whereas those cleaners may contain no more than 30% active ingredient, with the rest being inactive fillers such as salt or sand, our OX products contain a whopping 80% sodium percarbonate with the balance being detergents and surfactants, which means that our cleaners are 100% active ingredients. We make our cleaners this way because we want you to have the best cleaning power money can buy and we don’t see the sense in selling and shipping salt instead of cleaner!

Sodium Percarbonate Molecular Model

Sodium Percarbonate Molecular Model

And the OX line of products has an excellent environmental profile. These cleaners decompose into environmentally safe water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate, otherwise known as washing soda, a well-known non-toxic water softener and washing aid that is also benign enough to be used as an additive in common foods, including pretzels and ramen-type noodles.

We are very pleased that Steve had excellent results with the deck cleaning in preparation for re-sealing by using our Wood OX cleaning product. We look forward to helping Steve, and you as well, with your future outdoor cleaning needs and questions.