Roof Cleaning Bleach Addict

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“I just want to kick the habit”

“Do you know how many pair of jeans I ruin every year”

“I want to find an alternative to bleach”

Every spring, as the weather warms, professional roof cleaners from around the country begin to research a non-bleach roof cleaning solution.  Why a bleach free roof cleaner Because the damage caused to plants, clothes, skin and ultimately the asphalt roof shingles is too much of a daily risk.  The concern for killing plants or ruining more clothes becomes too much to bear.

I have a bleach addiction

The conversation starts with a roof cleaner admitting that bleach is a cleaning chemical they know they need to stop using.   It starts out the same whether a home owner or a roof cleaning professional, many people turn to the laundry room and pick the most dangerous chemical available: chlorine bleach ( Sodium hypochlorite )

Yes, its handy seems cheap (but not in the volumes you’ll end up needing to support the habit).  Bleach works fast, requires little effort.

But then the ugly side of bleach rears up…
Plants, shrubs roses, dead…
Jeans, t-shirts and work boots discolored, or even holes eaten through them,
roof shingles, dried and cracking.

What alternatives are there?

Fortunately, there really are choices when it comes to asphalt roof cleaning (this also applies to tile roof, slate roofs, and cedar shakes).  Instead of using bleach or some clever name for bleach look for tailor made roof cleaning chemicals.  They go by many names and terms including: roof shampoo, roof wash, shingle wash or a oxygen based roof cleaner.

These alternatives to household bleach take into consideration the fact that asphalt roof shingles are a oil derived product. With this consideration a the primary concern, roof cleaning chemicals then add the next step of adding detergents and surfactants which actually use electrical charges to repel roof dirt (including algae, mold and mildew) that causes the black streaks.

We recommend using the Roof Cleaner OX 3000 offered by Cleaner Today.  The Roof OX is an established shingle cleaner that follows the hugely successful Roof Cleaner QSE line of roof cleaning chemicals.

Rinsing is the catch

Despite the risks, why do some roof cleaners still use bleach? RINSING.  When it comes down to a non-bleach roof cleaner there is no bleach, so the dark colors of the stain don’t disappear.   Instead, a non-bleach roof cleaner loosen the stains, so that a Soft Wash ( High Volume, Low Pressure ) can rinse the debris into the gutters.

That’s the problem, Bleach roof cleaners don’t tend to rinse, they just spray and walk away.   Leaving the bleach to seep into the shingles, and run off into the plants…  But its a quick fix… Bleach is so easy…

In the end

The damage is needless, alternatives exist… Explore BLEACH free , color safe non-bleach roof cleaners… Kick the bleach habit!

You can live a bleach free life!