Sodium Hypochlorite Roof Cleaning Chemicals

Our Roof Cleaner is using a secret formula

We hear this claim quite often once winter breaks and spring begins. You have decided to have your roof cleaned by a professional, and you’ve done roof cleaning research and even brushed up on all of the roof cleaning terminology. You decided that you want a safe roof cleaner, something that won’t risk damage to plants like using bleach as a roof cleaner.

The roof cleaner comes to deliver the quote, and you ask if they are going to ‘just use bleach’. The response you hear is that their roof cleaning company is using a secret formula. So you ask what the active ingredient in the formula is and you hear the term Sodium Hypochlorite (or sometimes it even gets abbreviated as SH). Satisfied, you agree to let them clean the roof.

Chlorine Bleach has a fancy name

Great, they use a secret roof cleaning chemical!
Unfortunately, Sodium HypoChlorite is a just fancy chemical name for plain chlorine bleach (NaOH ), just like you have in the laundry room!

Don’t let this mistake happen to you. Make sure you know what is being used to clean your roof!

Why is bleach (sodium hypochlorite) bad?

The very reason that household bleach is great for removing clothing stains also causes progressive injury which reduces lifespan of asphalt shingles (just like clothes repeatedly bleached will tear more easily, or holes can be burned into jeans with bleach).

Even though chlorine bleach isn’t volatile unless thoroughly rinsed residual amounts of bleach will continue to slowly degrade in the presence of humidity (like on the roof!)

So what do I look for?

The only safe bleach, is non-toxic OXYGEN bleach. Why? Because Oxygen Bleach doesn’t contain Sodium HypoChlorite.
So choose a non-toxic Oxygen Bleach Roof Cleaner instead!