Using OX to Power Off Boat Grime

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Using OX to Power Off Boat Grime

The OX-line of cleaning products was developed and introduced back in 2006 to provide a more environmentally friendly and easier to use alternative to our contractor-strength QSE product line. Because the OX products are powered by sodium percarbonate, they decompose into environmentally safe water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate, otherwise known as washing soda. While originally designed to clean the same surfaces as QSE is used for, roofs, fences, siding, and decking, especially painted surfaces which cannot be cleaned with QSE, consumers often find other uses we had not originally imagined but which we are glad to endorse and pass along to interested consumers.

A Customer Referral

A customer that had purchased OX to clean his home siding, a project that met with fantastic success through following product directions and the use of a scrub brush, was so happy with the cleaning power of the OX product that he was happy to recommend it to a friend with a different cleaning challenge.

A Grimy Boat

The friend had a boat with a sun roof cover that functioned as an upper tanning deck. This upper level had become badly stained with dirt, general grime, and even algae over time. In talking to our customer, he mentioned this problem and our customer immediately recommended that he give the OX product a try. Our original customer had some product left over from his siding cleaning project so he gave it to his boat owner friend.

How To Clean With OX

The upper boat deck was cleaned with the OX product: dissolved into hot water, applied with a pump-up type sprayer, and lightly scrubbed. The results were fantastic and the boat owner couldn’t have been happier. The surface was slightly roughened to help prevent slips and falls, so the brushing action was needed to get into the crevices created for that safety effect, but the cleaning and bleaching action of the OX product proved highly effective in its own right in eliminating the filth problem that had not been readily removed through other attempts.

A Waterway Safe Cleaning Product

A fantastic advantage that the OX product holds in relation to boat cleaning is its overall safety profile for use in settings where it is highly likely that the product will enter a waterway. The OX product line contains absolutely zero phosphates, a very common component of many commercial cleaners, including “TSP,” or tri-sodium phosphate. Phosphates are an infamous cause of algal blooms that eliminate oxygen from waterways and cause mass die-offs of aquatic animals. Because of this danger, most locations in the United States have legal prohibitions against the use of phosphate containing cleaners if there is any possibility of the phosphates entering the waterway system. Unless a boat has been removed to dry dock, some runoff or rinse residue is almost certain to enter the waterway and the use of a non-phosphate cleaner like the OX products eliminates risk to the waterways as well as the potential risk of legal action being taken against the phosphate user. In fact, the OX product decomposes into harmless water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate, a well-known non-toxic water softener and washing aid that is also benign enough to be used as an additive in common foods, including pretzels and ramen-type noodles.
We were of course pleased with the success of the OX product in its intended application as a siding cleaner. We were even more excited that the OX product proved effective in yet another previously untested application, in this case boat cleaning, and look forward to customers discovering additional ways in which the environmentally safe and responsible, including in its minimal packaging, OX line of products can help you create a cleaner world today while helping ensure a safe environment for the future.