Roof QSE and Plants/Grass

Here at we frequently receive comments, compliments, and questions from customers about our products. Unlike what seems to be the case with many of the big companies that dominate the American retail landscape these days, here at CleanerToday we take questions from our customers very seriously. We try our best to answer everyone as quickly and as completely as we can. Occasionally, a customer raises a question, or makes an observation, that could apply to many of our customers and when that happens we will feature it for everyone to read and gain knowledge from. All of us at CleanerToday acknowledge on a daily basis that without you, our customers, we have no business, and therefore we strive to provide the best service possible. We hope the information below will, therefore, be of value in helping you make your decision about purchasing and using our products.

Question Number Two

A gentleman in Texas contacted us to ask several questions related to potentially starting a part-time roof cleaning business. His second question was: “Will you confirm that the QSE product will not hurt plants and vegetation?”

Used As Instructed

When mixed, applied, rinsed, and disposed of exactly as indicted in the complete instructions for use that are delivered with every order of Roof QSE (Quick, Simple, Effective), regardless of how many times the product been ordered before, Roof QSE is safe for use around perimeter foundation plants and grass.

As the instructions indicate, the concentrated form of Roof QSE is not safe for plants and grass. As is the case with any cleaning chemical, care must be exercised at all times to prevent the concentrated product from splashing or spilling on to unwanted areas of both people and plants. The greatest risk posed by any chemical is the potentially carelessness and haste of the user.

Once the Roof QSE is diluted through the level of rinsing required to achieve results, as indicated in the instructions, and as long as Roof QSE is only used to clean roofs with non-painted gutters, again, all as indicated in the instructions, Roof QSE will not harm plants or grass around customer homes.