Is Roof QSE the Strongest of the Roof Cleaners?

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Here at we frequently receive comments, compliments, and questions from customers about our products. Unlike what seems to be the case with many of the big companies that dominate the American retail landscape these days, here at CleanerToday we take questions from our customers very seriously. We try our best to answer everyone as quickly and as completely as we can. Occasionally, a customer raises a question, or makes an observation, that could apply to many of our customers and when that happens we will feature it for everyone to read and gain knowledge from. All of us at CleanerToday acknowledge on a daily basis that without you, our customers, we have no business, and therefore we strive to provide the best service possible. We hope the information below will, therefore, be of value in helping you make your decision about purchasing and using our products.

Question Number One:

A gentleman in Texas contacted us to ask several questions related to potentially starting a part-time roof cleaning business. His first question was: “It appears that the QSE product is the strongest. Is that correct?”

Roof QSE

Roof QSE, (Quick, Simple, Effective), is marketed and sold as the contractor version of the two roof cleaners that we sell. Roof QSE is powered by a strongly basic compound and on the first pass it is more likely to deliver the desired results than is the consumer grade product, Roof OX, which is powered by sodium percarbonate. CleanerToday does not now, nor ever will, sell any cleaner that is based on chlorine bleach.

Contractor Grade Product

Given that QSE is much stronger, one might wonder why we sell Roof OX at all. As we noted and as we are clear when marketing and selling the product, Roof QSE is a contractor grade product and there are more precautions associated with its use. For example, Roof QSE must never be used on any painted surface, nor allowed to accidentally come into contact with any painted surface. Roof QSE is also not safe for any form of rubberized roofing. And, care must be exercised when handling the Roof QSE concentrate so as to avoid skin contact.

Roof OX

While care should be exercised when working with any chemical, Roof OX is gentler and slightly easier to use. Roof OX can be used safely on painted surfaces, provided that the paint is water-safe. Roof OX is also safe for all types of rubberized roofing including recreational vehicles and watercraft. Roof OX, even in its concentrated form, will not harm human skin. In fact, you could stir the concentrate with your bare hands, even though we don’t recommend that you do so.

And the Answer Please:

So, while the gentleman from Texas was correct that Roof QSE is stronger than Roof OX and is the best choice for contractors with the knowledge and experience necessary to safely handle and use the product, Roof OX, while slightly less strong on the first pass, is an easier product for a consumer who is only cleaning one roof to handle and use safely and correctly.