Neighborhood Eco Roof Cleaner

Neighbors got tired of the ugly black streaks on their asphalt shingle roofs and asked for help finding an safe and Eco Friendly Roof Cleaner that could get rid of the black streaks left by algae and mold.

What do you recommend for our houses?

Hi. I am a homeowner. My neighbor and I would like more information on what we need to clean our roofs.
We both own single family dwellings in Northern Virginia (Fairfax). We both face North and have many trees shading the South side of the house. Well, the roof looks terrible. Both of ours. Lots of streaks.
I notice that you have many products, including some that kill that bacteria algae and prevent it’s further growth. What can you recommend for our houses, please? We prefer an eco roof cleaner or other safe products if that is an option.
Thank you very much.

Roof Cleaner OX is our recommendation

Living with a North Facing house is tough these days, especially because your neighbors across the street with the South Facing Roofs probably have roof mold and algae stains but effectively hidden because its on the back of their house!

For both of your houses we recommend using Roof Cleaner OX is eco-friendly contains no Acids, Chlorine or Bleach of any kind. Roof OX does a great job on black streaks (and also green streaks) caused by bacteria, algae, mold and mildew.

Depending on the Sq Footage, you may be able to save by buying a larger size package to get enough to cover both of your houses. Roof Cleaner OX 3000 covers 3000 sq ft, Roof Cleaner OX 4500 covers 4500 sq ft.

Either product is sprayed on, wait 25 minutes and rinse off using a soft wash.

Annual Stain Prevention with Roof Armor

Once you put effort into getting the roof clean, you will want to keep things as clean as possible using Roof Armor Stain Prevention to keep the stains from returning.
Apply once your roof is as clean as you can get it. Roof Armor is simple to use, just spray on and walk away each fall.

Also if you can encourage more neighbors to clean their roofs, you’ll cut down on the amount of airborne mold in the neighborhood which can also help slow the growth. Not to mention improving curb appeal benefits everyone.