Using Roof Cleaner QSE in a direct-inject powerwasher

Q: Can I use Roof Cleaners with direct-inject powerwashers?

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My company does roof cleaning using power washers and I am investigating different approaches to applying your roof cleaner qse. Is this safe for direct-injection powerwashers?

Jane D from North Carolina

A: Yes, Roof Cleaner QSE is pressure cleaning compatible.

YES, Roof Cleaner QSE is compatible with most direct-inject powerwashers (also called pressure washing chemical injectors or soap-tips).
Just adjust the dilutions so that the end dilution remains 4 gallons of water for every EZ pouch.

For example if your pressure washer is uses a 9:1 mix ratio, then instead of mixing 4 gallons of water, you would mix .4 gallons (1 tenth)