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Flood with a River avoid Rapids

Flood with a River avoid Rapids

Getting the right mix of Water Pressure rinse volume are key to managing the best results when completing a roof stain removal. Peter was frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of his thumb on the end of the garden hose. We’ll walk through why that just won’t work.

Terminology changes in all fields and roof cleaning is no different. What was once ‘high volume low pressure rinse’ has evolved to ‘roof shampoo’ or ‘soft wash roof cleaning’. What is behind these terms? Is there something new to be aware of or equipment to purchase? Check out the latest twist in roof cleaning buzzwords.

Scott’s metal roof needs cleaning. We recommend using gentle Roof Cleaner OX to remove the dirt and build up, without affecting the paint.

2 years after an expensive roof shampoo to remove black algae stains from an asphalt roof, the stains are back and now black mold or algae is also covering a retaining wall and patio. Find out how to control Black Algae with annual Roof Armor applications.

Roof Cleaning with chlorine bleach wears down shingles, and just like getting out of a swimming pool and feeling dried out, chlorine will dry out the oils naturally found in asphalt leading to a more brittle shingle. But what if you clean with Sodium Hypochlorite? (hint: Sodium HypoChlorite is actually BLEACH)