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Bleach stop the madness

Bleach stop the madness

From the beginning home owners and professional roof cleaner have turned to the laundry room to the most dangerous chemical in the house : Sodium hypochlorite, common household bleach . It was handy, seemed like it worked, was even recommended.. But then the ugly side of bleach rears up… Plants, shrubs roses, dead… Jeans, t-shirts and work boots discolored, or even holes eaten through them, and the roof shingles, dried and cracking. The damage is needless, alternatives exist… Explore BLEACH free , color safe non-bleach roof cleaners… Kick the bleach habit!

Winter time and It’s 40 degrees outside but John’s fence is dirty and wants to get it cleaned up. So he asks about the impact of air temperature on wood cleaner OX’s cleaning ability. “Will it work as well as 70 degrees?”

Roof Cleaning with chlorine bleach wears down shingles, and just like getting out of a swimming pool and feeling dried out, chlorine will dry out the oils naturally found in asphalt leading to a more brittle shingle. But what if you clean with Sodium Hypochlorite? (hint: Sodium HypoChlorite is actually BLEACH)

Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t wait until a bright sunny day to clean your roof. Being relocated for your job? Need to sell your home in the winter? It is possible to clean your roof mold stains in the fall / winter months with some basic minimum temperature guidelines. Learn how to clean your roof in the winter.