Roof Wash Barrel Tile with Roof Cleaner OX

Barrel tile can be cleaned using Roof OX 3000! Roof Cleaner OX works on asphalt shingles and tile roofs.     Many coastal customers ask about using a soft wash roof cleaning system on barrel tile.   As it turns out, both Roof Cleaner QSE and Roof Cleaner OX work well on tile roofs… Just be sure rinse thoroughly! shingle cleaner reviews Brought to you by: Cleaner Today Roof Cleaning

Mold Under Solar Panels

To keep the stains from returning, Jack consistently applies Roof Armor, which is powered by MoldStat, yearly, as directed, and he has not experienced a return of ugly roof stains on the north side of his home. Jack also installed solar panels on the south side of his home several years ago, at which time the south roof was still clean, at least as far as Jack could see. Recently, he looked under the solar panels and was shocked and dismayed to discover that significant amounts of algae and mold were growing under the panels on the south side. He contacted us to ask what the best solution would be to this new problem.

Deck Cleaning Power of Wood OX

Good evening. I have used your siding and deck cleaner products with terrific success. A friend wants me to clean and seal his deck. I am wondering if Wood Ox applied and scrubbed with a bristle brush would do the trick in preparation of it being re-sealed. I have used the deck cleaner with awesome results on decking that was just weathered and gray looking. Hoping Wood Ox will work. I just ordered it today. I cannot tell you how amazed I am at each application of your products. Your products and service exceed expectations.

Cleaning Multiple Surfaces with QSE

Another helpful hint is to remember that CleanerToday offers substantial bulk quantity discounts to contractors who purchase QSE or OX in 50 pound increments. All QSE and OX products contain the same cleaner, either QSE or OX, in the same concentration, regardless of the purpose listed on the name of the cleaner, i.e. roof, fence, deck, siding. Those distinctions reflect quantities provided and are intended to help homeowners recognize the diversity of cleaning options when using QSE or OX brand cleaners. Detailed bulk pricing information is available on the CleanerToday website.

Roof Cleaning Warranty

However, it takes somewhere between 16 and 18 months for the algae colonies to become large enough to be visible to the naked eye from the ground level. Therefore, if the homeowner is not interested in a yearly maintenance plan, a professional roof cleaner should be able to provide a warranty on the the results of the initial cleaning for about one calendar year.

Calculating Square Footage for Roof Cleaning

To estimate the square footage of a house, simply measure the length and width of the foundation, multiply those two numbers together and you have an estimate of the square footage of at least the first floor. Often times, you can simply ask the homeowner for an estimated square footage as many home buyers are aware of the basic dimensions of their home.