Q: Which Roof Cleaner should I use on my Metal Roof?

My home has Standing Seam Painted Metal Roofing instead of asphalt shingles after several years dirt has built up and it’s time to clean the roof. Continue reading

Q: Is Roof Algae the same as Driveway mold?

Two years ago I hired a local company to “roof shampoo” the black algae stains off my roof. Unfortunately, it was very costly, and stains are beginning to reappear. In the meantime, my driveway, retaining wall, and back patio are showing black marks. I don’t know if those marks are caused by the same algae or if they are mold. Continue reading

Q: Can I use Roof Cleaners with direct-inject powerwashers?

My company does roof cleaning using power washers and I am investigating different approaches to applying your roof cleaner qse. Is this safe for direct-injection powerwashers?

Jane D from North Carolina

A: Yes, Roof Cleaner QSE is pressure cleaning compatible.

YES, Roof Cleaner QSE is compatible with most direct-inject powerwashers (also called pressure washing chemical injectors or soap-tips).
Just adjust the dilutions so that the end dilution remains 4 gallons of water for every EZ pouch.

For example if your pressure washer is uses a 9:1 mix ratio, then instead of mixing 4 gallons of water, you would mix .4 gallons (1 tenth)

Roof QSE far exceeded my expectations

Roof Cleaner QSE Product Review

5 out of 5 stars
I wanted to let you know that your product far surpassed my expectations in terms of the finished product.
You never know how much extra effort went into photos in advertising but I can honestly say that your QSE product was very easy to use and worked just like the literature said it would!

I’m enclosing a few before and after shots . . . . I wanted to get a few with the sun on the roof as the before shots had but it was late afternoon by the time I finished and I wanted to take a few shots to send you.

My neighbor came over and wanted to know what I was using as he said the roof looked brand new . . . . and the house is 12 years old.

Thanks for a product that delivered more than I had expected . . . and as far as the subject line goes, I should have said “What did you guys do to by stained, ugly roof . . . . now it looks like it is brand new again!”

thanks for a first rate product that far exceeded my expectations and one that has drawn compliments from neighbors in my neighborhood.

My Roof Before
My roof After Roof QSE

Andy S from South CarolinaOctober 2011

Roof Cleaning Expectations vary Roof by Roof

It’s a common roof cleaning question that we hear from homeowners who just bought a home that has a stained roof:

Will a Roof Stain Cleaner remove all the black streaks, lichen, roof mold?
I want my roof to look like new!

The short answer is that a Roof Shingle Cleaner will improve the appearance of your shingles, but no cleaner is capable of making a roof look brand new.
But a roof cleaner will improve the appearance for very little investment, which makes an attempt at roof cleaning an essential step before deciding to buy a new roof.

So let’s explore what factors affect how well a roof stain cleaner will work. Continue reading

Success with Cold Weather Roof Cleaning Projects

With the return of cold weather in most parts of the country, many homeowners investigating DIY asphalt roof cleaning projects ask about the minimum temperature ranges for using roof cleaning products. Minimum temperature guidelines shingle roof cleaning are pretty simple. The roof shingles need be above freezing (at least 35 degrees) for at least four hours before using roof cleaning chemicals for best results. Read on to find out why. Continue reading