With a fungus stained asphalt shingle roof outside and a home filled with loved ones ( children, spouse and pets ) how do you choose which roof cleaner makes the most sense?

Every year in the spring as your landscaping comes back to life so do the annual questions about which roof cleaner to choose.  Inevitably we get emails with links to or pictures of our competitor’s products with customers asking:

  • “Have you ever heard of this product?”
  • “How does X________X  compare to Roof Cleaner OX ?”
  • “Does Roof Cleaner QSE work better than X——-X Shingle Wash?”

Get an Honest Answer

The trouble with these type of questions is that the roof cleaner vendor (CleanerToday.com included ) would be expected to answer that their product is better and either leave it at that, of worse, then criticize the product being compared.

When it comes right down to it, many products work well in different situations.  No one product is perfect for everyone, and none are wrong for everyone…  What you need to do is try it.

Cleaner Today carries both Roof Shingle Wash QSE ( mainline power cleaner) and Roof Shingle Cleaner OX (Oxygen Power Cleaner)   Additionally these products are available in a Roof Cleaning Trial Offer that let’s you try 1500 sq feet of each cleaner or optionally choose 3000 sq feet of either Roof Cleaner QSE or Roof OX Cleaner.   This way you can see which works better, or compare to any of the competition.   After 18 years on the market Cleaner Today stand behind results.

Fair Compare

Lastly, when you are comparing different products there are several points to consider:

Delivered Price & Volume Discounts

Even today, many companies lead with a low product price an punch your with high shipping costs.   Don’t just consider the sample price, look for Contractor Roof Cleaning Bulk or Business Pricing

Cleaner Today let’s you mix and match between QSE and OX roof shingle cleaners in bulk saving (all with free shipping)

  • 15% on 2 bulk roof cleaners
  • 25% on 3  roof cleaner  boxes
  • 33% on 4 or more boxes of bulk roof cleaners

Multiple Options

Companies that sell only one roof shingle wash may be inclined to highlight the benefits because there is no alternative.   But like a tool box, having multiple products with different application strengths may be to your advantage.   Sometimes choice is a good feature, especially if the option to combine / aggregate bulk discounts exists.

Product Performance

Try the products ideally side-by-side and consider ease of use, clean up, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) safety precautions.

Company Reputation

An obvious choice is the number of reviews a company and product have, as well as a Better Business Bureau score.   You’ll want a company that is known to stand behind its promises.

How do you choose a roof Cleaner today?  So many choices, where do you look.   Just CLEAN IT… Choose a cleaner, use it and compare to the rest.

Q: I am interested in your products for [cleaning] a roof on an investment home I am purchasing and would like to know which product will work the best for my application. We live in Wisconsin where the temperatures are now in the 30-50’s during the day. At what temperatures will your cleaners work? And will I see results within days? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you to order the best product for my roof.

A: Here at CleanerToday.com we receive lots of questions such as this daily and we are always happy to assist customers in understanding how our products work and which ones to use for best results in their particular situation.

Badly Stained Roof!
Badly Stained Roof!

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Richard left us a message asking about deck cleaning techniques.   The answer:  Apply the Deck QSE or Wood OX Cleaner  to either a wet or dry decking (wood or composite including pressure treated lumber, yellawood, trex, etc.).  QSE Deck Cleaner Application can be via a paintbrush, mop & dip bucket, Bug Sprayer or even just a bucket an sponge.  After waiting 25 minutes, rinse with a narrow jet from a garden hose, or ideally a fan spray from a power washer. Continue reading

Neighborhood Roof Cleaner

Neighbors got tired of the ugly black streaks on their asphalt shingle roofs and asked for help finding an safe and Eco Friendly Roof Cleaner that could get rid of the black streaks left by algae and mold.

What do you recommend for our houses?

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Bleach stop the madness

“I just want to kick the habit”

“Do you know how many pair of jeans I ruin every year”

“I want to find an alternative to bleach”

Every spring, as the weather warms, professional roof cleaners from around the country begin to research a non-bleach roof cleaning solution.  Why a bleach free roof cleaner?  Continue reading